How We Work

For the majority of EU citizens it is not so easy to get a direct contract with an employer in Germany. In such cases, recruitment companies may be the best help. Of course a very important factor for successful employment in Germany, is the knowledge of German language, but it's also possible to work knowing, for example, English.

In the process of personnel leasing, recruitment company provides its employees to a third party, that is to his client for a limited period of time. The employee gets his salary from the recruiting company. Once the client's order is accomplished, the recruitment agency will offer employees another job as fast as possible. .

For our employees we provide payed holidays, German medical insurance and social taxes. Our employees get good and interesting opportunities to work. Taxes are paid in Germany and you are a full-fledged employee of the German company gaining experience on the German labor market.

We also, if needed, provide accommodation for our employees.

Another very important factor - you do not have to pay anything for employment!