Frequently asked questions

How does our company work?

Becoming an employee in our company means - to work with the labor contract and to be socially insured.You carry out your work with our partners and recruiting companies. Your employer is the recruiting company and they are paying your wages.

How often do companies change, that is, the place of work?

This happens in different ways, depending on your specialty. Some orders, projects last longer, while others, such as replacement of the employee during sick leave, can take a very short period of time. And it is important to know that not always the end of the project marks the end of your working relationship with the recruiting company.

How to identify a good recruiting company?

It is important that the company has a German state license that permits the employment of people. Conversation with the representatives of the company is also important, you have to pay attention to the fact that you must give as much information as possible about yourself to the company so they can find the most suitable job for you!

Who is my employer?

Your employer is the recruiting company. The company pays you your salary, but keep in mind that you will have a second "Chef" - from the company, which will carry out the work directly, and you must comply with the requests, that the representative of the company gives you.

How does the employee hiring process work?

Recruiting company decides on what terms and in what company you work. Any information about the new place of work, that is, information for which company you will work is given in writing. So, how long you can be trained in the workplace depends on the company and its requirements.

What is the situation with the social guarantees?

The person who signed a working contract with the recruiting company, becomes the taxpayer in Germany. It means that you, as well as people working on direct contracts in Germany are socially insured persons. Recruiting Company is obliged to pay for your entire package of social taxes, including - health insurance and pension fund contribution. The government is very strict and checks this field, so tax evasion is impossible.

What profession is highly required?

30 percent of the companies operating in the recruitment work with metal and electricity. About one-fourth - transport and logistics. 

Is overtime paid?

More often overtime is not paid but is compensated with free time. The work is planned on the schedule so that each employee has worked the required number of hours per month.

Do I have the right to demand paid courses from recruitng company to raise my qualifications?

No, the recruiting comany and recruted